How do I send you my prescription?

You can upload your prescription the following ways.

1) Upload a Copy of your prescription and email to Mail@vets4u.uk with the title: Script [Pets name]

3) Post your Prescription to Vets4u, 13 Pomeroy Drive, Leicester, LE2 5NE

How do I register with Vets4u?

Step 1: As part of your online order you will be asked a series of questions that will assist us along with any additional information we may ask for to register you. 

Step 2: You Can call us on 0116 218 4244 or email us at mail@vets4u.uk and we can register you either over the phone or via email. 

Step 3: You can also download the Digitail App and search for Vets4u and this will register you with us automatically. 

How quick will it take to receive my medicines?

Once we receive a copy of a paid, legal and valid prescription we will begin processing it. Usually if there are no delays then we aim to have your Medicines dispatched within 48hrs of receipt of the prescription. Delays to these time lines can be attributed to the following;

Unpaid Prescription, Problem with prescription requiring clinical intervention, Unavailability of Medicines, Postal Delays, Strikes etc.  In the case of additional delays we will notify you as soon as possible to provide updates. 

Do I need a written prescription from my own vet to buy a medicine from Vets4u?

Veterinary medicines fall into lots of different categories. POM V means that a written prescription is required and the pet must have been assessed by a veterinary surgeon who will then issue the prescription. Other medications such as those in the POM VPS and NFA VPS categories, require you to answer some questions about the pet(s) to be treated which will be checked by our veterinary surgeons or SQP. Some medications do not need these checks and you can choose the product you want without restriction. It will be listed next to a medication if a written prescription is required.

Can you prescribe POM V medications at Vets4u?

To ensure we comply with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) we cannot prescribe POM V medications. There are medicines however that do not need a prescription and consultation with our Veterinary Staff can assist in selecting the right products for your pet.

Do you accept prescriptions from outside of the UK?

We may accept prescriptions from non-RCVS registered Veterinary Surgeons from outside of the UK so long as it is written in English, it is for an Authorised Veterinary medicine in both the UK and country of origin, and that the prescription is for sole use of the pet on the prescription. 

Will my vet know how to provide a written prescription?

Absolutely. Vets are highly skilled and trained and know exactly what information to put on written prescription. If you or your vet need any further support however, please message via the Digitail Application, email us at mail@vets4u.uk or call us on 0116 218 4244. We can send you a blank prescription to take to your vet that will allow them to enter all the information we need.

Who governs prescriptions and the supply of veterinary medicines for animals?

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is responsible for this. They are a British Government department attached to DEFRA. They provide all the guidelines we follow when supplying veterinary medicines and those guidelines can be found at:


Do vets charge for written prescriptions?

Often there is a charge from your vet to provide a written prescription. This fee can vary and your practice will be able to advise you on their charges.

How often will my pet have to visit the vet to be able to have a written prescription?

This will vary depending on the individual case. Most vets will provide repeat prescriptions for long-term medications for 3-6 months. After this time, vets will want to check your pet over to make sure nothing has changed before prescribing more medication.

Do I need a prescription for ‘Prescription” Diets?

No. Prescription diets are specially designed to help with certain medical conditions and this means, in many cases, they are not the right choice or necessary for healthy animals. We recommend seeking professional advice before choosing a diet.

Do I need a written prescription for every order I place?

For many medicines that are going to be taken regular or long term then your Vet may prescribe a series of repeat orders that reduce your requirement to keep re-obtaining a prescription for the same ailment each time. These are known as a “repeat” prescription. A repeat prescription allows you to buy the dose of medicines several times. The amount of repeats will depend on the type of medicine or treatment but you should ask your vet for a repeat if your pet is on a regular medicine.

Can my vet decline issuing a prescription?

A vet and owner always have the same ultimate goal – the best possible outcome for your pet. Vets understand that this may mean accessing medications from sources other than your veterinary practice to make it more cost effective. This means they usually want to support you in any way they can. It is very rare to need to know this but a vet cannot legally decline to provide a written prescription for a product they would have supplied to you themselves. This is covered under the RCVS Fair trading requirements: https://www.veterinaryconsultancyltd.com/services/questionsandanswers/

Can I return prescription medicines if my animal no longer needs them?

We are unable to accept returns of any medication. This is because once it has left the dispensary, we cannot guarantee it is in a safe condition to dispense again. This is to follow guidelines set out by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) on the safe dispensing of medications.

How long is a prescription valid for?

Written prescriptions are valid for a maximum of 6 months from the date they are issued. Once the expiry date has passed (which will be show on prescription), even if there were more repeats left on the prescription, these cannot be fulfilled and the prescription becomes invalid. The only difference to this is with regards Controlled Drugs (CDs) which has a prescription validity of 28 days.

Can I request a prescription from my vet for a particular medicine?

Yes, you can. Your vet will need to make sure that the product is the right choice for your pet. If they decide it would be beneficial and is safe, then a vet should happily look at this request for you.

What do I do if I cannot find a medication on your website?

There are so many medications available these days that we do not stock every product. However, if there is a product you want that you can’t see on the site, please message via the Digitail Application or email us at mail@vets4u.uk and we will do our very best to source it for you.

Where can I find more information about Authorised Medications?

The VMD has a website which holds a “Summary of Product Characteristics” (SPC) for all the medicines authorised for use in the UK. The data base can be searched using the name of the medication you are looking for. The link to the SPC page on the VMD website is: https://www.vmd.defra.gov.uk/productinformationdatabase/

What should I do if I think my pet has had a reaction to a medication?

As with human medicines , all veterinary medicines have a potential to cause an adverse reaction. If the adverse effect is known about, you will be able to find it on the SPC for the product on the VMD site. Sometimes an adverse effect may not be known about if it is very rare or only affects certain animals. To help the VMD and the veterinary profession identify these adverse effects, we have a system to report adverse events so they can be monitored. Sometimes the event may not be linked but it is important to report all possible adverse events so we can build an in-depth picture of the product. It is also important to report any products that did not appear to do what they were supposed to (lack of efficacy). A suspected adverse event or lack of efficacy should be reported to: https://www.vmd.defra.gov.uk/adversereactionreporting/