About Us

Our Story

Vets4u was founded in 2021 as an RCVS registered veterinary practice, with a simple vision to make veterinary medicines more accessible to pet parents. Emerging from an existing family business, Vets4u was born through 40 years of experience of supplying to governments and aid agencies worldwide with pharmaceuticals and healthcare products through Unimed Global. 

Our founding principle is to bring the high standards, efficiency, and regulation of the human medicine world to veterinary medicine. Vets4u aims to use its experience in pharmaceutical wholesaling to support animals at home and abroad.  

Our practical experience is intertwined with a cultural belief to love and respect animals. We believe in Seva, meaning “service to our community”, and especially serving those who serve others. The positive impact of animals existing with us is more evident now than ever, and we hope to use our platform to better understand, treat and care for them.  

                                                           Rahkesh Thakkar - Vets4u Founder

Meet the team

Our offices and Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD) regulated warehouse are located in Leicester, where we have dedicated staff who are trained to ensure you receive the best service possible. Here are a few members of our team: 


We are all passionate about supporting pet parents and owners of animals with the highest level of care. We know that daily life has become increasingly busy and expensive, and we offer a variety of pet supplies, including prescription and non-prescription medication, food, toys, and equipment at competitive prices.  

Our promise to you

Our mission at Vets4u is to support pet parents by improving access to quality affordable pet medicines and educating on pro-active healthcare. We are here for all your pet needs such as health care products, food, treats and toys. A one-stop shop!  

Our Digitail app will assist you to proactively manage your pet’s health and provide a direct form of contact with us. This tool is helping us to transform pet parenting, from reminders, weight tracking, vet advice and instant interactive human chats, all in one place! And best of all, these perks come free with Vets4u services!  

We would love for you to follow our journey on our social media channels for updates on what we are up to.  We are pet focused and will continually look to improve and develop our services, so come join us to see how we are developing to strengthen your relationship with your furry friends.  

Our Community

By joining our community you get access to special discounts, more engagement and perks! 

We are looking for people that believe what we believe, champion our values and collaborate with us and our cause. We really believe in making a difference and our -community- is our beating heart, setting our pace, guiding our decisions, and focusing our energy on the ground truth. You will also get to try the latest toys and treats so your furry will appreciate the effort!   


We at Vets4u believe that no animal should suffer due to the cost of medicines.  

Through Vets4Veterans our vision is to serve the Forces Community by enabling them to continuously afford animal healthcare for their companions.  

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How can you support us


Support those that are helping animals. We have a list of Charities that we think are great. Please feel free to donate to them and their causes. When you need us we will be here, but if you can, please do help our friends. 

If you would like to reach out to us, learn more about what we are up to and join our tribe, please feel free to chat to us anytime through any social media channel & through Digitail 

To partner with us, please email john@vets4u.uk or call us on 0116 218 4244. 

To join the team, please email mail@vets4u.uk or reach out to us directly! 


Charities and the work they do mean a huge amount to Vets4u and we aim wherever possible to make their work easier and cheaper. Our reason for being is to support the Nations animals. Click below to learn more.