Introducing our authors - Ria Popat

Introducing our authors - Ria Popat

A little about me!

My academic journey with animals started out at the Royal Veterinary College where I studied Veterinary Sciences BSc. I went on to complete my master’s at the University of Bristol in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation. Unfortunately, I can’t have a pet of my own at the moment, but I’ve been fortunate enough to become best buds with Tiggie, who lives in my village. She’s hoping to meet the office dogs soon too!

Research has always been a passion of mine, especially when I can see the impact on animal welfare. Here’s a link to my  paper on shelter types for mice, which I completed under a scholarship from the University Federation for Animal Welfare. It won the Majorie Sandiford journal article prize when it was published in the December 2021 edition of The Institute of Animal Technology. In 2022, I teamed up with the University of Western Australia for my next paper to track green turtles with drones in Ningaloo Reef. Enjoy one of the shots we took! I hope during my next venture, I’ll be able to take some closer shots while diving…

Since working with Vets4u, the best part of my job includes cuddling with the office dogs and working with so many animal enthusiasts. I am also working with everyone to ensure we are as environmentally sustainable as possible. As someone who always tries to support small businesses, I am so pleased to be working with an independent vet practice who are constantly asking how we can help improve welfare on a wider scale.

I hope this blog will form a reliable bank of information for pet parents and anyone interested in animals, with articles from myself, our vets, and the amazing people we work with along the way. Recently, I’ve been looking into dog-related issues such as brachycephalics and ear cropping. Anything welfare-related or conservation is right up my street! Those who know me will agree that I am always trying to engage people in animal issues. One way to do this is through photography, and this is the next skill I am trying to learn! Who knows, maybe we’ll see some of my own photos featured on this blog in the future?