Malaseb Shampoo Product Info

Common Malaseb Questions:

Where can I buy Malaseb shampoo
Either from your vet or from an online pet pharmacy registered with the VMD such as Call us on +44 116 218 4244 between 09:30 and 16:30pm Monday to Friday. Email us. Email us at and we'll respond within 24 hours.

Does malaseb treat ringworm
In cats it can be used to treat ringworm alongside another drug called griseofulvin

How long does malaseb take to work
Generally twice weekly shampooing is needed in dogs until the symptoms subside, then weekly to control the condition. In cats when used to treat Ringworm it needs to be used twice weekly until there is no Ringworm cultured on coat brushings, but for a maximum of 16 weeks.  Your vet will prescribe how they suggest you use it fpr your particular pet.

What is malaseb dog shampoo used for
In dogs it is used to treat bacterial and yeast infection on the skin

What is malaseb shampoo
An anti-bacterial and anti-yeast shampoo for use in dogs and in cats. It also treats, in cats, Ringworm, a fungal infection caused by Microsporum canis, alongside another medication called griseofulvin.

What is malaseb shampoo used for
To treat bacterial and yeast skin infections in dogs and to help treat Ringworm infection in cats.

Does malaseb shampoo kill fleas-
No, although it will help wash off fleas and flea eggs by the physical act of bathing.

Does malaseb shampoo kill mites

How often to use malaseb shampoo
As directed by your vet but generally twice weekly until the skin improves then weekly.

How to use malaseb
Wet your dog or cat thoroughly with clean water, then apply the shampoo, avoiding eyes, nose or mouth, and stopping your dog from licking itself and swallowing the shampoo, or it inhaling it. Apply the shampoo at several points and massage into the coat. Use enough to raise a lather. Ensure the shampoo is applied around the lips, under the tail and between the toes. Allow the animal to stand for 10 minutes, then rinse off with clean water and leave to dry naturally in a warm environment.

 Is malaseb shampoo safe for dogs
It can lead to eye irritation if it gets into the eyes and mouth irritation if it enters the mouth or airway irritation if inhaled so avoid the eyes, mouth and nose when applying.

Can malaseb be used on broken skin
Please speak to your vet if your dog’s skin is broken as they know how your dog’s skin is looking and can best advise you on whether it is safe.

Can you buy malaseb over the counter

Does malaseb kill fleas 
No, it is not licensed to treat fleas, although shampooing will physically help remove fleas and eggs.

Does malaseb kill mites

What is in malaseb shampoo

It contains Chlorhexidine digluconate which treats bacterial infections, and Miconazole nitrate which is anti-fungal and yeast. In combination this helps treat Microsporum canis

Can malaseb be used on humans
No, it is not licensed for use in humans

Does malaseb shampoo expire
It has a shelf life of 2 years, (or its expiry date) and once opened it should be used within 3 months

How often can i use malaseb on my dog
Twice weekly until signs are improving then once weekly or as directed by your vet