Heart & Lungs

Heart disease if diagnosed by your vet requires specific prescription medications for the condition your pet has. You may have noticed your pet coughing, having difficulty breathing (A veterinary emergency), being lethargic and tiring more easily on walks. Occasionally your pet may have presented after a collapsing episode. If you notice any of these signs, please make a vet appointment for as soon as possible. 
There are veterinary diets for heart disease which are lower in sodium and contain other supplements so help reduce fluid retention, which occurs when the heart is not pumping well, and help its function. They also contain extra vitamins.

There are many causes of lung disease including bacterial or parasitic infections which your pet may need a prescription medication to treat the problem. Other diseases such as bronchitis can occur as your pet ages which may need different types of prescription medication to reduce inflammation and open up the airways. 
Some cats develop asthma which requires prescription drugs and sometimes inhalers to help alleviate the problem.