If you are concerned that your pet has an Ear problem, please seek veterinary advice. 
Ear problems often require prescription medication from your vet and an examination to check for foreign bodies such as grass seeds in the ear. We can help by providing prescription medications and products to help clean the ears. The safest ear cleaner, which is safe even if the ear drum is damaged is Otodine. If your vet has examined your pet and you know that the ear drum is intact then other cleaners are available but remember that the ear drum could be damaged any time after your vet has examined your pet .If your pet gets frequent ear problems there may be an underlying allergy as the skin of the ear can react as other parts of the skin to allergies. Allergies can be due to food or something in the environment such as grasses and pollens, house dust mites or fungi, for example. Hydrolysed diets which have proteins broken down into small molecules that can’t stimulate an allergic reaction are a way of testing for food allergies. Some allergies are environmental, and your vet can test for these