The five pillars for healthy cats

The five pillars for healthy cats

We've talked about the 5 needs, but do you know the 5 pillars for healthy cats?

Here is a quick summary:

  • provide a safe place to hide, or more than one  

  • provide separate and multiple key environmental resources. This should include at least one scratching post, useful near entrances and exits, food and water separate, more than one of each, all away from litter trays, 1 litter box for each cat plus an extra one. This is helpful in a multi-cat household as it means there is less territorial stress, and more security to use the resources. They should have the ability to feed alone and away from windows, doors, and the cat flap. If your cat can see a cat outdoors, you can try fixing some opaque sticky vinyl on the window or glass doors up to their height, so they can’t see out.  

  • provide the opportunity to play and predate - fast-moving toys, larger soft ones to rake, fur/feathers to destroy/make sounds/ puzzle feeders. Care-not lasers and catnip can lead to hyperarousal.  

  • provide positive and consistent/predictable human-cat social interaction, a regular time when you play with your cat, groom your cat, and give them attention.

  • provide an environment respectful of the importance of the sense of smell. No strong air fresheners, perfumes, muddy shoes, or bags at the door. 

Did you know all five pillars?